In short, Karin Sebelin assists you to reach these goals:

“Karin is a very enthusiastic Internet writer who knows how to engage people and create visibility and awareness. She has proved this by moving into the lead position in the Ecademy scoring system in a very short time.”

Tim O’Donnell – Director presso ODAS International Limited

Tim O'Donnell,
“Mrs. Karin has exceptional writing, PR and communication skills. I have worked with her on one project and was impressed with her meticulous work and promptness.”

Dr. Prem – Award Winning Leader, Speaker & Influencer | MD & CEO – Dr Prem & Associates – | 50+Websites & 30+Guides

Dr. Prem, 
“Karen’s ability to write interesting stories was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the project.”

Mustafa Shaikhly – CEO of MTS Development

Mustafa Shaikly,
“Karin is first and foremost a friend. When we first met online we knew we thought alike. I was then taking my first steps on a new journey in my life and I was somewhat overwhelmed. Karin proved to be not just a friend and a coach but the very definition of the word “mentor”. We’ve had long correspondences and talks on the phone (long distance mind you! language and geography are no barrier to this amazing woman!) and she managed to guide me, calm me, give me precious and priceless advice for my career choice and most importantly the empowerment I needed, that “nudge” I needed to believe in myself, in my values and to do business the way it should be done, and the way Karin does it too – with Integrity, Empathy and Authenticity. No matter what junction in your life you are standing at, I strongly recommend consulting with Karin before you make a choice of direction!”

Elinor Cohen – Co Founder, Engagement Strategist at The Engagement Strategy Group

Elinor Cohen,
“Karin Sebelin ist eine hervorragende Texterin, die es versteht, neue Informationen passend umzusetzen. Im Umgang mit den modernen Medien ist sie außergewöhnlich kompetent.”

Brigitte Mauch – Unternehmensinhaber Galerie Brigitte Mauch

Brigitte Mauch,
“Karin Sebelin ist eine geschätzte Geschäftspartnerin, die engagierte, zuverlässige und kompetente Text-Arbeit leistet mit Schwerpunkt auf Kommunikationsberatung mit Online-PR und Blog-Redaktion.”

Claudia Hilker PhD

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Claudia Hilker, PhD,