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1. Self-Trust + Self-Confidence
Self-trust is the basis for life. When we do not trust, we are lost and unsuccessful. And self-confidence works wonders. With the right motivation and self-esteem we will make another impact and are able to attract people.
2. Authenticity, Credibility, Trustworthiness
These three elements are extremely important for our success. We should never play a role, should simply be “ourselves”. And only when we come over as credible, being honest, transparent and acting with integrity, people will believe us. Trustworthiness is the sum of many factors and people will only see us as trustworthy, when we fulfill these factors. Trust and trustworthiness is the key to success.
3. Character + Attitude
We, too often, think character is not important. False! Just character, a good behavior, a good etiquette, can convince. Having a good character strengthens our reputation. And attitude is never false!
4. Make a Difference / Know the own Uniqueness + Distinctiveness
Being unique, knowing how to be different and distinctive, is a chance for positioning ourselves successfully on the market. Only when we know what differs us from others, what our strengths are, can we compete on the market. Finding a niche that others overlook, finding our purpose, are critical things for being really successful.
5. Being able to Present / Perform
Not everyone is able to deliver great presentations, holding webinars, presenting in meetings. These are skills to be learned. Only when we know what is important for good results, only when we practice regularly, can we convince here.
6. Visibility + Attractiveness (for people, contacts, dream customers)
Attractiveness is very well known for having a good influence on our success. We can learn to be attractive – really. And only when we are visible, online, but also offline, visible in social media, and elsewhere, will people get attracted to us. How can people know about us and our brand, when we are not visible?
7. Own Personal Voice, Message, Mission, Vision
A brand must have an own personal voice, must create a convincing message, must develop a unique mission and vision. Communication is everything. The right words make us successful.
8. Create Chances + Opportunities / Get Orders easily
Great leaders learn to create their own chances and opportunities. They don’t “hunt” customers and clients. They don’t “chase” people. Learning how to create those chances is the key.
9. Good Reputation
A good reputation needs not only months, but years to build. A bad reaction, being dishonest, and not transparent, can destroy our good reputation within minutes. Our world is open, the internet is open, and Google does not forget something.
10. More Trust + More Influence
Trust is normally NO strategy. And influence comes with good leadership, a good presentation, a good reputation and a good expertise. But we can do something for these two factors. We can learn what is important for increasing our trust and our influence.


Recent Graphic Works

We like to work with graphics and infographics.

We are very creative and have steadily new ideas.

Browse through some of our recent works.

Be inspired and reached out to us, when you need something.


We are currently writing our 4th (!!) book !


I have developed a new branding concept, that also encompasses the topics trust and entrepreneurship and is based on 4 pillars:

1. Trust, 2. Personality, 3. Leadership, and 4. Brand

Our new branding concept is the only branding concept on the market, that deals in details with the topic trust, too – we are here leading on the market, and you can profit from that.

We, as trust expert, see it a necessity to teach people the background and basics of trust, deliver insights from newest research, give inspirations and provide trust strategies that really work.

We will inform you here, when the book is ready.

Stay tuned!


Look forward to the publishing of our book!

Our Capabilities

Personal Development /

(Thought) Leadership /

Brand Management

Our new branding concept is built on 4 pillars (Trust, Personality, Leadership, and Brand).

It encompasses the topics trust, entrepreneurship and branding.

Trust Expertise

We have great experience with regard to trust and are able to teach you what you need.

We have written several books on trust and ethics.


Being an entrepreneur since 2011, we have learned from great leaders, mentors, thinkers, but also from life and from experience.

We have also learned from many resources (books, blogs, training programs, etc.).

We have gained knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, inspirations, and we are proud being able to help (beginning) entrepreneurs to success.

Other Capabilites


Books about trust, ethics and branding

Contributing Writer

Blog "Maximize Social Business"

Contributing Writer


Read my brand / success story!

Special Services
Facebook Group

In my new group on Facebook you can learn something about trust, branding and entrepreneurship.

This group is for (beginning) entrepreneurs that want to have maximum success.

My aim is it to help you find your way as entrepreneur in the jungle of business relationships and business affairs, provide you with the necessary thinking, basis and inspiration about the own personality, leadership and brand and with some incitation that results in a new approach for trust.

I am going to help you understand the topics trust, branding and entrepreneurship and explain what is important for your success.

Join my group and become successful!

Special Offers

From time to time, I will surprise you here, in social media and in my shop, with special offers.

These can be reduced offers, offers that are only valid for a certain time, offers that are exclusive for special people, special conditions and special occasions.

Visit my shop and follow me on social media.

Motivational Speakership

This is a new project that I am driving forward.

I train special motivational speakership skills that fit to my branding concept “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)”.

For this I have successfully passed a special motivational speaker course for several weeks.

Why motivational speakership?

Motivation is everything.

Being able to motivate other people is the key to success.

A motivational speaker has the knowledge, the skills and the needed inspiration to engage the audience.

He convinces with

  1. Confidence
  2. Credibility
  3. Dynamism


4. Naturalness


I am a member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers.


IAPO International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers


Here my certificate of the MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER COURSE:


Certificate - IAPCC

More to come

As I am a creative person, I will develop certainly new “special offers” for you.

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Nathanael Felix Sales Representative Inside Living
I used to have trouble being attractive for customers. Now I know where my problems are and I present me with clarity and confidence. I am grateful for this learning experience!  
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Claire Waterskyn CEO Arona Marketing
Karin is a very enthusiastic Internet writer who knows how to engage people and create visibility and awareness. She has proved this by moving into the lead position in the Ecademy scoring system in a very short time.
Tim O'Donnell Director presso ODAS International Limited
Mrs. Karin has exceptional writing, PR and communication skills. I have worked with her on one project and was impressed with her meticulous work and promptness.
Dr. Prem Award Winning Leader, Speaker & Influencer | MD & CEO Dr Prem & Associates
Karen’s ability to write interesting stories was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the businessglory.com project.
Mustafa Shaikly CEO MTS Development
Karin proved to be not just a friend and a coach, but the very definition of the word “mentor”. She managed to guide me, gave me precious and priceless advice for my career choice and most importantly the empowerment I needed to believe in myself, in my values and to do business the way it should be done – ...
Elinor Cohen Co Founder Engagement Strategist at The Engagement Strategy Group
Karin Sebelin is a passionate journalist, texter, editor and translator. She understands social media very well and is very supportive and collaborative for others. She has a great understanding for people and their needs.
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Karin is very passionate, energetic, focused and dedicated to professionalism. I respect her enormous ability to connect and work with huge numbers of people, whilst maintaining a standard of delivering her best at all times! I can highly recommend Karin to anyone looking for someone with her skill-set.
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