Where are you at present?


Now you will certainly say:
What is the difference between an expert and a thought leader?
And what is an influencer?

Good question!


Let’s explain something:

An “expert” knows something.
He has competency in his field, he is a specialist.
A “thought leader” is known for knowing something, he is often famous, or comes to fame.

See the difference?

What does that mean?

That means:

Everyone can become an expert, but not everyone can so easily become a thought leader.
I today’s times, we are able to position us as expert very easily.

When we have some good skills, some talents, are committed and passionate, and know how to present ourselves,
when we know how to demonstrate our knowledge, our skills, and our experience, in the right way we can become successful.


Thought leadership goes in another direction.


Thought leadership is characterized through:

1.) Having followers
2.) Being able to lead with the own thinking, inspiration and ideas
3.) Having a message and leading with that message
4.) (Having a vision and leading with that vision)
5.) Having a clear stand, a clear position, and being able to “fight” for that position
6.) Being an expert in the own field
7.) Having developed intellectual property (IP)
8.) Giving orientation
9.) Motivating others
10.) Inspiring others
11.) Convincing with new, and fresh ideas
12.) Profiting from newest research, and developing this knowledge into the own thinking
13.) Setting trends
14.) Having influence
15.) Living the own principles and values


And what is an influencer?

An influencer has reached the next step in influence, in authority and in success.
An influencer is someone who is able to really influence people.

People are very sensitive to influencers, because they have something to say.
People very willingly listen when an influencer talks.

Influencers convince with reach, and exposure.
They attract attention and set the pace for innovation and progress.
Brands very willingly reach out to influencers for marketing purposes (influencer marketing),
because they have such a great influence and can make a difference.


And a celebrity is a separate category.


Celebrities are really famous people.
They have massive influence, and are standing steadily in the limelight.


Now, that everything is clear …

What are you?
An expert, a thought leader, an influencer, or a celebrity?



Being an expert nowadays is not enough.
Everyone can be an expert.
You only have to specialize yourself.
We should aim on developing thought leadership, and even become an influencer.




You want to become successful as thought leader and don’t know how that works, how you can manage that?
You want to do something for your branding?

No problem, contact me and we can look how we can assist you.

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