Everyone of us has his own reason(s) why he gives his trust to others.

First, we would think that people act superficially out of reason and out of intuition.

When people act out of reason, they expect the other person to convince with competency, benevolence and integrity.

And when people act out of intuition, they simply have a good feeling, a certain gut feeling, that leads to the conclusion to give the other person the own trust.

These two reasons are not the only ones, out of which people give their trust to others.


I have studied carefully the reasons out of which people build trust.

As I am a trust expert since several years and have written successfully books to that topic, I am able to deliver you my experiences here.

My study led me to the following statement:


Out of which reasons do people build  …


1. Basic trust

2. Expectations

3. Needs

4. Wishes

5. Habits

6. Principles

7. Ethics/Values

8. Intent/Plans

9. Routines

10. Experiences

11. Sense of duty

12. Reason

13. Self-Actualization


14. Intuition


These 14 Key Components are decisive for building trust.

They influence us when we make our decisions.

But we don’t steadily think about a reason when we give our trust to others.

We don’t question our reasons when we act.

We don’t seek for the perfect reason for trust.

We act intuitively, emotionally or spontaneously.

Or we act logically, deliberately, and thoughtfully.

In the end, trust is given.


Are you aware, when and in which situations you give your trust?

Out of which reasons do you build trust?

Which of these 14 Key Components is most important for you when you build trust?


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