Connect the dots


Steve Jobs was right!

My dots are now connected!

You certainly are interested why this is so.


You are certainly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, perhaps on Instagram, and your daily social media engagement is coined by
sharing articles, posts, liking, commenting and engaging. We all have learned to network in the meantime. Our lives are based
on social interaction, no matter whether we have a business or are a teenager. Social exchange is our daily “game”.

Social networking enables us to become a brand and to build our reputation. Being known, liked and trusted as an expert, thought
leader or influencer is helping people to great success. Social networks connect people and create trust.


Your personal brand = Key factor for success


Your personal brand, your business identity, will be the key factor for your success in the future.

In former times, people set everything on marketing and forgot to brand themselves. I could experience that several years ago when
being on Ecademy, an English business platform, and collaborating with people from different countries. At that time, Google Plus
opened its doors and many people didn’t have the right feeling and knowledge how to present themselves. It was a time, when many
people on social media had problems with their branding. Marketing experts presented their business and work in the best light on
Ecademy, whereas on Twitter and Google Plus they delivered a bad profile. I realized here, that being a great expert in the real
world must not necessarily mean being able to persuade online.

Fact is:

First comes branding and then marketing, not the other way round.

The basis is a great brand and good marketing can contribute to our success.

When being on Ecademy I learned much about good marketing. The UK can convince with great entrepreneurs who know how to market

About two years later I was more engaged with people from the USA. And here I learned what good branding is.

In the end I realized why branding comes first and why a strong brand is the basis for our success.


The need for a new branding concept: Key Person of Trust


When being on Ecademy I learned much about trust, respect and tolerance.  And Ecademy was a long time my virtual “home”.

When you know my business story, you will understand why trust is so important to me.

Since Ecademy trust is my mission.

My mission reads:

Helping (beginning) entrepreneurs “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)
that they can become a remarkable personality, a great leader and a trusted and respected brand and have maximum success.

For a long time I have thought about the need for change with regard to trust.

I only did not know how change will come for me and my business.

For some years I worked as mentor – helping people realize who they are. That was so to say the basis for my coaching business now.

A few years later, after having written three (!!) books on trust and ethics, I suddenly became aware what is false in our world of branding
with regard to trust:

Until now trust was no separate element in a branding strategy!

There are wonderful branding experts in our world that want to make you believe that trust is “only” an outcome of an excellent brand.

And here I isolate me from other branding experts:

Trust should be a separate element in a branding concept for having maximum success.

Let’s state:

Trust is the 1st pillar to success.

And when I realized what is false with regard to branding I developed the concept “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)” as THE NEXT

Such a “compelling” Key Person of Trust is characterized through 10 Key Qualities:

  1. Self-Trust + Self-Confidence
  2. Authenticity, Credibility, Trustworthiness
  3. Character + Attitude
  4. Make a Difference / Know Your Uniqueness + Distinctiveness
  5. Learn to Present / Perform
  6. Visibility + Attractiveness (for people, contacts and dream customers)
  7. Develop a Personal Voice, Message, Mission, Vision
  8. Create Chances + Opportunities / Get Orders easily
  9. Good Reputation
  10. More Trust + More Influence

And the branding concept of Key Person of Trust (KPT) is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Trust
  2. Personality
  3. Leadership
  4. Brand

“Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)” is the exclusive education for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more.


The need for a new movement: Key People of Trust


With concept development I felt the need to write a book to this new concept.

And so I did … the book reads:


During the publishing process of my book I had somehow the feeling now I should create a movement.
The movement Key People of Trust.
Spreading the word about what it means “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)”.

For a long time, it had not been clear for me, where my path should lead me. I only knew there had to come something important.

As I am an intuitive person and often rely on my instinct and gut feeling, I have learned to be patient and wait what comes.


I have learned now: The dots will really connect in the future.

You certainly know Steve Jobs’ words:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will
somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

When reading these words, I really know THIS IS ME.

My dots are now connected!

And I trusted my gut, my destiny, for a long time …

For several years I instinctively knew that one day I will find my true path.

And this has happened now.







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