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–>  Become a remarkable personality, a great leader and a trusted and respected brand.


A Key Person of Trust (KPT) is characterized through 10 Key Qualities.


To develop such a “compelling” Key Person of Trust (KPT) we work on 4 pillars:

1. Trust,

2. Personality,

3. Leadership


4. Brand



  • Increase Self-Trust + Self-Confidence
  • Develop Authenticity, Credibility + Trustworthiness
  • Define your Goals, Values, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Develop Character + Attitude
  • Make a Difference / Know your Uniqueness + Distinctiveness
  • Learn to Present / Perform
  • Learn about Trustworthy Leadership
  • Learn how to become a Thought Leader
  • Learn the Secrets of Team Success
  • Achieve Visibility / Increase Attractiveness (for contacts, prospects, fans, followers, customers)
  • Develop your Personal Voice, Message, Mission, Vision
  • Create Chances + Opportunities / Get Orders easily
  • Develop a good Reputation
  • Enjoy more Trust + more Influence


  • Become successful with regard to trust!
  • We address your personal trust issues (where were your key experiences, what shaped you, what did you learn, etc.)
  • Learn what trust really is, why it is important and what is critical.
  • Learn what the problems with trust are, learn something about false behaviours, and about the different personality types that make trust so complicated.
  • Receive tips, inspirations and strategies for success.


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