You find these quotes in my book “Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters“.


These quotes shall inspire you:

  • They called it trust – for us it is a confirmation of life. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Trust means making an effort, not an excuse. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Trust cannot be commanded. We have to find out when to trust. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • When you expect every favor returned, then it is not a favor! It is an expectation! ~ Karin Sebelin
  • You matter, and your presence matters. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • It’s not making mistakes, that leads to trust, it’s correcting them. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Being transparent is no substitute for being dishonest. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Trust those who share thoughts with you. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Give people trust and you don’t need influence. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Our search for happiness is our search for our purpose, and we achieve that by trusting ourselves, giving trust to others, and living a life full of trust. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Know me, but don’t forget – like me and remember – trust me and learn. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Inspiration means nothing unless it’s followed by trust. So get out there and create trust. ~ Karin Sebelin
  • Judge a man by how he treats others; judge a man by whom he gives trust. ~ Karin Sebelin