It is a wide-spread thinking, that the surest way to create trust is by trusting others and being trustworthy.

At first glance, this is not false.

However, we too much focus on this trustworthiness in business.

We value people via their competence, credibility and trustworthiness and hesitate to give our trust.

This is the crucial point.

We normally know what we should do, but don’t do it.


Download my eBook “Trust needs a new thinking … a new culture


In this eBook you will learn:

  • What virtues are and why character is so important
  • The 5 virtues of trust: Authenticity, Tolerance / Acceptance, Openness / Transparency, Reliability, Congruence
  • Tips for building credibility
  • What values are
  • Something about brand trust

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E-Book: Trust needs a new thinking ... a new culture