Increase your visibility and your exposure


Personal branding is no longer an option, if you want to stand out from the crowd.

In a crowded marketplace, just fitting in does not bring you any further.

When you want to be perceived in our crowded world, you should do something for your visibility, for your exposure, within your chosen target market.

Let us be clear:
Times have changed.

Now it is necessary for business leaders and CEOs to be proactive about their exposure and visibility and manage it in line with building the reputation of the company.

Eleri Sampson referenced in her book “Build Your Personal Brand” the three biggest factors in career progression are:

• 10 per cent – doing your job well
• 30 per cent – your attitude and behavior when you do your job
• 60 per cent – visibility and exposure
(Sampson, 2002)


Here some tips for raising your brand visibility in your chosen target market:

  1. Be visible on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …), post regularly, engage regularly
  2. Comment in groups and on blogs
  3. Seize occasions for picking up the phone or doing a face-to-face chat instead of writing an email
  4. Get great at presenting yourself in short meetings, videos
  5. Volunteer for panels and discussions
  6. Talk to event organizers for relevant conferences, and organizers for charity dinners and events
  7. Get into contact with industry journalists and media contacts, content writers, experts and bloggers in your industry
  8. Make yourself easily contactable and available to the media – broadcast, online and print media
  9. Treat every media interview as an opportunity to enhance your personal brand
  10. Contribute articles to magazines in your field and industry
  11. Seek authors who could reference you in their books and articles



Be interested in other people – be open, trustworthy and grateful.
Give your trust – to be remembered and trusted, too.

Seize chances for being visible and present.


What have you done for your brand image and visibility this week?



Being visible is not always about being face-to-face visible.




You have problems with trust, with the own personality, leadership and / or brand?

We can help you here.

We offer 3 success packages:

  1. Branding as Personality
  2. Branding as Leader
  3. Branding as “Key Person of Trust (KPT)”

The concept of Key Person of Trust (KPT) is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Trust
  2. Personality
  3. Leadership
  4. Brand

and will help you to maximum success.

Such a “compelling” Key Person of Trust (KPT) is characterized through

10 Key Qualities:

  1. Has great Self-Trust and great Self-Confidence
  2. Convinces with Authenticity, Credibility and Trustworthiness
  3. Convinces with Character and Attitude
  4. Makes a Difference / Knows his Uniqueness and Distinctiveness
  5. Is able to Present / Perform
  6. Convinces with Visibility and Attractiveness (for people, contacts and dream customers)
  7. Convinces with the own Personal Voice, Message, Mission, Vision
  8. Creates Chances and Opportunities / Gets Orders easily
  9. Has a good Reputation
  10. Enjoys more Trust and more Influence


See the infographic here:

10 Key Qualities of a Key Person of Trust (KPT)


You want to do something for your success?

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