My business story … or the birth of my brand


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How did I start my business?  

How did I realize that trust is so important for me and my business?

What was the begin of my brand?


I have written down my story for you:


From August 2011 to July 2012 I was very active on Ecademy, a social business network (now SunZu),
under the direction of Thomas and Penny Power. During this time I presented my business
Presse-Service Karin Sebelin and seeked the exchange and collaboration with
business people from around the world.

My first blog on the platform was a press release for honoring the founders Thomas and
Penny Power for their wonderful work and announcing the new Ecademy score that was
invented at that time.

From the first blog my blogs were a success.
Thomas Power said: „Karin, what this does is branding!“ and I was impressed by his words.
I was very active and engaged on the platform and people liked me, my work and my blogs.

Within several weeks I was number 1 in the Ecademy score ( among 600.000 members )
for blogging and being so engaged with and by others.

I was overwhelmed by the great appreciation and respect people showed me.

People from around the world shared the philosophy of Ecademy: ORS (being open, random
and supportive to everyone). I gave people my trust and values like respect and tolerance
were extremely important for me.

For a long time I ranked in the Ecademy score on place 1 and people named me “Our number 1″.

For being so loved, liked and respected by the community I was asked if I could imagine
me to represent Germany one day. It was a job offer. And I should prove me in the next
weeks. I felt honored and gave my best to fulfill the test.

Only a few weeks later I was deeply hurt when it was said: “No, Karin, Ecademy does not
offer any jobs!”
I felt cheated and lost any trust in the community.
I deleted all my blogs and left the community overhastily.

Half a year later I had learned that we should never give up our friends.
I felt the need to see Ecademy again. To meet again these wonderful people.
People had missed me and saw my comeback with joy.

I joined the community and you won’t believe it:
Within several weeks I was number 1 again!

That made me thoughtful!


What have I learned through this experience?

  • I learned that people are more important than success.
  • I learned that we shall never trust too quick.
    –> trust is no light-hearted affair.
  • I learned that there are people who try to abuse our success, our goodwill and heart.
    –> trust is a risk.
  • I learned that facing the same problem twice is a cause to follow a new path.
    –> trust can lead to change.
  • I learned that we should never give up our friends.
    –> Loyalty is a critical element in the trust building process.
  • I learned that we shall forgive in order to free our burdened soul.
    –> Forgiveness is a chance for our life.


And I learned that we have to give our respect and trust first in order that people learn
to trust us.

–> Trust begins with us.

I have learned …

–> Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters


I saw the topic “Trust” as  My Mission.

I feel the need to show people how important trust is in our life.

And I want to help people become successful with trust.


My offer for you:

–> Download my FREE eBook

TRUST needs a new thinking … a new culture„.

It is a wide-spread thinking that the surest way to create trust is by trusting others
and being trustworthy. At first glance, this is not false. However, we too much focus on
this trustworthiness in business. We value people via their competence, credibility and
trustworthiness and hesitate to give our trust. This is the crucial point. We normally
know what we should do, but don’t do it.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • What virtues are and why character is so important
  • The 5 virtues of trust: Authenticity, Tolerance / Acceptance, Openness /
    Transparency, Reliability, Congruence
  • Tips for building credibility
  • What values are
  • Something about brand trust

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