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Book "Trust ... the only kind of influence that really matters"


Have you ever stopped to consider the word trustworthy? Why do we think one has to be worthy of trust? When we try to be worthy of something, we shift into a winning mentality, which taps into our “whatever-it-takes” way of thinking. But how can this approach ever lead to trust?

When entrepreneur and leadership expert Karin Sebelin found herself asking these questions, she quickly realized that while trust is the key to a happy, healthy, and successful life, misused and misunderstood it can send you further from your goal. Setting out to create a new culture around a much-needed redefinition of trust, she crafted this guide to help readers learn the true nature of what trust is, how to practice it, and just how trust can help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Discover the importance of self-trust, realize how practicing trust offers you the best way to expand your reach and influence, and find out what to do when trust is broken. Whether you want to move forward in your career or in your personal relationships, this book opens your eyes to the full life waiting for you. Learn to trust, learn to live.