Finally I have my own Podcast, too!


In my podcast series you will get valuable inspirations to the topics entrepreneurship, trust and branding.

I will share experiences, tips, strategies and recommendations.

And I will talk about what works and what doesn’t.


When you regularly follow my channel, you will increase your chances for success.


With my help you can become a Key Person of Trust (KPT) = THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN BRANDING!


First I want to introduce myself a bit:


Who am I?


I am Karin Sebelin, author of several books on trust, ethics and branding, trust expert and personal branding coach for Becoming a Key Person of Trust.

I started my entrepreneurial career as CEO of a German PR agency, worked as editor, copy writer and PR person.


How did I start my current business?  

How did I realize that trust is so important for me and my business?

What was the begin of my brand?


From August 2011 to July 2012 I was very active on Ecademy, a social business network (now SunZu), under the direction of Thomas and Penny Power.
I presented my business Presse-Service Karin Sebelin and enjoyed collaborating with business people from around the world.

My first blog on the platform was a press release to honour the founders Thomas and Penny Power for their wonderful work and announcing the new
Ecademy score that was invented at that time.

From the first moment my blogs were a success.
Thomas Power said: „Karin, what this does is branding!“ and I was impressed by his words.

I was very active and engaged on the platform and people liked me, my work and my blogs.

Within several weeks and among 600.000 network members I was number 1 in the Ecademy score for blogging and being so engaged with and by others.

I was overwhelmed by the great appreciation and respect people showed me.

People from around the world shared the philosophy of Ecademy: ORS (being open, random and supportive to everyone).
I gave people my trust and values like respect and tolerance were extremely important to me.

For a long time I ranked in the Ecademy score on place no. 1 and people called me “Our number 1″.

For being so loved, liked and respected by the community I was asked if I could imagine me to
represent Germany one day. It was a job offer. And I should prove me in the next weeks.
I felt honoured and gave my best to fulfil the test.

Only a few weeks later I was deeply hurt when it was said: “No, Karin, Ecademy does not offer
any jobs!”
I felt cheated and lost any trust in the community.
I deleted all my blogs and left the community overhastily.

Half a year later I had learned that we should never give up our friends.
I felt the need to see Ecademy again.
Meeting again these wonderful people.

I joined the community again.

People had missed me and saw my comeback with joy.

And you won’t believe it:
Within several weeks I was number 1 again!

That made me thoughtful!


What have I learned through this experience?

  • I learned that people are more important than success.
  • I learned that we shall never trust too quick.
    –> Trust is no light-hearted affair.
  • I learned that there are people who try to abuse our success, our goodwill and heart.
    –> Trust is a risk.
  • I learned that facing the same problem twice is a cause to follow a new path.
    –> Trust can lead to change.
  • I learned that we should never give up our friends.
    –> Loyalty is a critical element in the trust building process.
  • I learned that we shall forgive in order to free our burdened soul.
    –> Forgiveness is a chance for our life.


And I learned that we have to give our respect and trust first in order that people learn
to trust us.

–> Trust begins with us.

I have learned …

–> Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters


This became the title of my first book.


And I saw the topic “Trust” as  My Mission.

I feel the need to show people how important trust is in our life.

And I want to help people become successful with trust.


Now that you know a bit more about me, let’s talk about the benefits you receive through listening and following my podcast.


You could say:

Why listening to another branding podcast?


Good point!


Let’s be clear:

I would like to isolate me a bit from other personal branding experts.


Let’s state:

Trust is essential for branding.


If we want to be successful in business, we should learn something about trust.

Successful branding involves learning something about trust and its background,
learning about trustworthy leadership, about false thinking and false behaviour.

Trust is a matter of mindset.

Trust is not simply a nice thing to have, but a critical strategic asset.

“Trust isn’t a commodity that can be purchased. It is an asset that must be
earned through transparency and truthfulness.” says Dion Chang, innovator,
creative thinker, visionary and renowned trend analyst at Fluxtrends.

Fact is:
You can have the best marketing campaigns in the world, if consumers don’t
trust you because you act unethically or try to conceal the truth, they will switch
to another brand.


Fact is:  

The key for brands nowadays is trust.


And it is not about people trusting other people.
It’s about people trusting a brand.

We can say in a formula:

Brand + Behaviour = Trust


Don’t believe branding agencies that tell you that trust is not something
you “input” to create an excellent brand.

There are branding agencies that want to make you believe that trust is only an “outcome” of an excellent brand.
These agencies don’t see trust as a separate element of a brand strategy.


And here I differ from other branding experts:

If we want to be successful as personality, leader and brand, we must do
something for trust itself.

We must learn something and we must behave and act accordingly.


Let’s state:

Trust has to be a separate element in a branding concept.


And the business rule no. 1 reads:

Trust begins with us.

(Karin Sebelin)


You have problems with trust?

That’s where we come in.

Our branding services use a combination of research, experience, creativity, and
consulting to help you to success.

We learn who you are, what your problems are, and what you want to achieve.

Our work and branding strategy is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Trust, 2. Personality, 3. Leadership, and 4. Brand


Our branding concept of “Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)” is designed for maximum and long-term success.


What are the benefits of such a compelling “Key Person of Trust”?


A Key Person of Trust (KPT) … is characterized through these 10 Key Qualities:

  1. Self-Trust + Self-Confidence
  2. Authenticity, Credibility, Trustworthiness
  3. Character + Attitude
  4. Make a Difference / Know Your Uniqueness + Distinctiveness
  5. Learn to Present / Perform
  6. Visibility + Attractiveness (for people, contacts and dream customers)
  7. Develop a Personal Voice, Message, Mission, Vision
  8. Create Chances + Opportunities / Get Orders easily
  9. Good Reputation
  10. More Trust + More Influence


What’s your brand’s story?

We’d love to be a part of it.


If you need assistance with trust and with branding, want to become a remarkable personality, a great leader,
and a trusted and respected brand, want to become a Key Person of Trust (KPT), contact us for a free consultation!

We’d love to help you to success!




It is the exclusive education for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more!


Thank you for your attention and trust.

Stay tuned and look forward to my next podcast episode.


And look forward to the publishing of my 4th book:





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