Do you sell trust?


“I am a very trusting person” –> It is so easy for us to say that … we rarely think about what is associated with trust …


We tell others that trust is always at the centre of our work and believe when we act with integrity,
are reliable and honest and open in our dealings with people, people will trust our brand.


However, when it comes to important decisions and actions, we play a role and forget what we promised.
One day we might act in a certain way, according to a gut feeling, and another day we will rationalise
our decisions. We, too often, don’t follow concrete principles and have no real standard of behaviour.


How can this work?

Is this trust?


Trust is not something we “push around” and present it only for coming across credible and trustworthy.


Trust is no commodity that we bring out suddenly, in case we need it.


Trust is no opportunity we seize in order to be seen in the best light.


And trust is no desire …


It is certainly your choice how you define trust for yourself, how you handle trust, how you deal with
trust problems. Trust has a human face, and it is something personal – no question.

However, blinding ourselves with regard to trust, blinding ourselves who we are and how we work, does
not bring us any further.


Ask yourself now:

Is trust in line with my behaviour, my decisions and actions?


Problem is:

We are “selling” ourselves as trusting person …

We sell trust …


See where the problem is?


Only when we become a Key Person of Trust (KPT), a person that has the needed background with regard to
trust, and has based the own branding success on trust, the first pillar of success, before learning something
about personality, leadership and brand, we are prepared for best life and branding success.


A “common” person tries to “sell” trust.

A Key Person of Trust (KPT) does not “sell” trust – she is a person of trust.


Trust alone does not create customers.—Karin Sebelin


Trust alone does not sell our products and services.


When you become a KPT, you learn the importance of trust and the Key Qualities that lead to maximum success
in branding and business.


Seize your chance and become successful using this concept.





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