Build your platform


Times have changed tremendously.
Great content is no longer enough.
To get published, you also had to have a platform.
Content may have been King, but platform had become Queen now.


What does that mean?

In order to be successful on the market, you simply cannot convince with great content, you MUST have a platform.
And this is fact not only for small businesses, but also for bigger businesses and great leaders.
We all believe in our content and products, however the facts are given and cannot be changed.


What is a platform?

A platform is a network, a community, a followership, that helps you along the way to market your products.
It’s those places, both online and offline, where you connect with your reader audience.

Examples of platform elements can include the following, depending on your market:

  • Website
  • Blog(your own blog or guest blog posts)
  • Email newsletters
  • Workshops
  • Meetings and events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Book signings
  • Social media channels
  • Online videos (also book trailers)
  • Appearances on or in the mass media(TV, radio, newspapers, podcasts, etc.)


In former times, a platform was a literal stage, or a television program, a radio show or a magazine column.
At that times, such a platform was difficult to build, you either had a platform or not.
Without knowing and persuading the right gatekeepers, we were not able to get access to their audience.
It was largely dependent on whether some gatekeepers gave you access to their audience.


Fact is:

Authors who hope that having written a book will automatically and magically connect them with eager readers are
fooling themselves.


Let’s state:

A writing career is always a marketing career.
You, as an author, are always selling stories or ideas.


Now you might say:

An author’s job is it to write, not to market.


I don’t know how to market my book.


Certainly good points.

However, it is nearly impossible to sell you and your book to potential readers who don’t know you, or cannot find you, so
it is clear you should do something for becoming visible and attractive to potential readers.

Here the value of a platform comes into play.


Now you might say:

Great idea!

If I need a platform for a book launch, I will begin to engage with a special community.


Sounds totally opportunistic!


Fact is:

Building an author platform is a continuous effort.
And you certainly want to be seen as THE expert for the topic you write about.
Genuine and consistent involvement, authority and visibility in your target community will help you to success.
You cannot suddenly contact 100 interesting people who might help you to success, when you did not have a good contact before.
Building relationships before is key to success.
People who should support you with your book launch have to convinced about you – they should KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.
Building valuable and effective relationships is always of advantage.


–> So start taking your audience and platform building seriously.

–> Begin building business relationships of value.


What would a platform make possible for you?



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