Business: It’s not who you are, it’s how you are

When we had been successful in building our own company, being then respected and influential, being able to convince our market, fans, followers and potential customers, and are seen as a trusted source of expert knowledge, thought leadership and source of permanent inspiration, we are seen, heard and really perceived. Then we really know our role and position.
We know how to behave and to present us.

We convince with:

1.) Authority
2.) Expert knowledge
3.) Influence
4.) Reputation
5.) Reliability and
6.) Market success

We convince with our brand.


But what about the person behind?
We were not born as a brand, but as a person, as a human being.

Do you want to die and on your tombstone stands your brand?
Here rests XY, brand was his second forename …

Do you want that?

… or do you want to be seen as a personality who coincidentally leads an important brand, too?

Take the second option and people will cry on your funeral!

When we are able to convince with our character, our personality, our humanity, our divinity, our uniqueness in person, when we are able to convince with charm, sympathy, spirit, feelings and soul, we will earn people’s respect as a person, too, not only as a brand.

Openness, humility, gratitude, charity and empathy will create love, will create an inner connectedness.

These things create an unmistakable business culture, will label our brand and will give our company and brand a special noble touch.

People will remember these shared feelings and this inner connectedness more than a “naked” brand feeling.




… and on your tombstone will stand:
Here rests XY, his fans loved his humanity …
R. I. P.

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