Authenticity has become a buzzword.

We all want to be authentic.

And people who are not authentic, especially prominent ones, are seen with distrustful eyes when they play a role and
come over unnatural or artificial.


When it comes to authenticity you should forget a common misunderstanding:

Many people believe authenticity is the contrary to image.

However, that is not true.

People believe it is important coming over natural and genuine.

We, too often, think maintaining an image does not fit to authenticity.


Take this example:

When you stand in front the wardrobe in the morning and choose a special outfit, you are seduced to think about the
special image you want to transport.

You want to persuade … your new boyfriend, your boss, your colleagues, in an application, in a meeting, on stage.

There are many options.

Clothes make people … that is fact!

We choose our clothes and image we want to transport with intention.

We don’t choose our clothes at random!


Authenticity means caring for our image, caring that our image is coherent and credible.

When we don’t care for our image, we come over careless and even sloppy.


A principle for our own image reads:

Only strengthen what is already there.

Means, don’t try to put on make-up that does not suit you.

We cannot play a role and try to be a totally new person.

When suddenly Mercedes would try to persuade the wrong target group with false advertisement and branding,
that would not be beneficial for the own image.




There’s nothing wrong with desiring to project a great image for the outer world.

It’s important to bring out your best self in order win in the marketplace and to stand out.

Don’t impose too much pressure on you creating the perfect image persona, but care for it.

Your image and your authentic should not be in conflict.

Your image should be based on your authenticity instead of the masks you try to put on.


How do you see yourself?

What kind of image do you portray to the outer world?

How comfortable are you in your own skin?


Keep in mind:

It’s true that you have your weaknesses and flaws – we are all human beings.

In life it is not about being beautiful.

It’s precisely our humanity and vulnerability that make us beautiful and real.

Try to convince with soul, optimism and satisfaction.

And people will trust you more easily.

It is fact: Your true essence is on the inside.

People are drawn to your real story, not a constructed fairy tale.



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