or:  Why you should book me (What benefits you enjoy through me).


1.) You learn from my experience.

With my experience in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, trust
and EnglishI show you the shortest path to success.
This saves you a lot of time and helps you to achieve your (corporate) goals faster.

I have learned from business / marketing / branding / and trust legends like John C. Maxwell,
Guy Kawasaki, Daniel Priestley, Peter Drucker, Dorie Clark, Denise Lee Yohn, Seth Godin, Mark
Schaefer, Stephen M. R. Covey, Dennis Reina, and many more ….

And the stay on the English business platform Ecademy teached me so many things …
there were some really great mentors for me on this platform (to name a few here: Chris Borrett,
Sadie Murray, Georgina Lester, William Buist, Lucas Wyrsch, Robert Craven, … and not to forget
I learned much from Thomas Power and from Penny Power)

2.) You get success-oriented and functioning solutions and strategies.

I was able to help many people and companies with my consultations and intensive coaching.
Take your chance!

3.) You receive leadership thinking and entrepreneurial vision inclusive.

In addition to creative solutions, my consultations and intensive coaching will, if desired,
also take into account leadership topics and topics of entrepreneurship.

4.) You get a reputable and trusting consultant and coach.

I do not promise you “the blue of the sky”.
Those who want to be successful in the long term must win the trust of their fellow human
beings and their target group. And that takes time and constant work on one’s own personality,
leadership and brand.
As your personal adviser and coach, we position your personality, leadership and brand in such
a way that you can reach, retain and inspire people or customers in the long term.

5.) You benefit from my current knowledge.

Life is constantly changing. And new demands are coming to us.
So that you do not miss the latest trends, researches and “tricks”, I am constantly evolving.
So you can be sure to be well positioned in all matters.

6.) You benefit from my creativity.

I am a very creative person, constantly coming up with new ideas and always developing new
strategies. This allows me to improve existing concepts, develop new solutions, and respond
flexibly to new requirements. So I offer you maximum success.

7.) You can use my network and my contacts.

Through my good and selected contacts in social media and in the business networks, I am able
to always offer you the right contact person. You do not have to go looking for yourself.
Everything goes hand in hand and in the desired quality. On request, I present you in various
networks, should you want to expand your contacts.

8.) You learn from a successful entrepreneur.

Everything I tell you has a hand and a foot. I know what I’m talking about.
You will learn from an expert who builds trusting relationships, conducts trust and lives trust.
Tip: When choosing your contacts, always pay attention to how important trust is to the contact!

9.) You learn from my success story.

What you learn from me was inspired by processing my story of success. Through my great
success or failure in the business network Ecademy, I got to know the ups and downs of trust
in all its extent.
Within a short time my person became a “personality”, a “brand”.
And then came the setback.
At first, I had big problems trusting again.
But today I have become a much stronger person.
Trust will always be important to me.

10.) You learn from a successful author.

Through my success story in Ecademy, I made the topic trust to my mission.
I want to show the world what trust really means:
“Trust … is the only kind of influence that really matters”.
And in combination with branding trust leads to a new concept.